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Walk With Us

Walk With Us

Khichapokhari , Kathmandu

Dipak Kumar Shrestha
10 AM to 8 PM
Not Available
Uno Card:35% Discount on Ladies Bags/Shoes.
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One of the most favored forms of semiotic distinction is fashion, because fashionable clothes, accessories, and body adornment are easy for others to observe at glance. Incidental items, particularly branded specific handbags, footwear, jewelry, accessories, and new hairstyles act also as important status symbols. Certain items of clothing, such as hats, were particularly important, sending instant signals of ascribed or aspired social status. As communications improved, styles also spread to members of the elite classes in other parts of the world. Placed in New road Walk With Us furnish called foot wears and purse to its wanted customers not only in Kathmandu but all over Nepal. As the outsiders come to Kathmandu they once visit Walk With Us. This shows how good they are in satisfying their costumer. Walk With Us is one of the best ladies FOOTWARE & HANDBAG sellers in Kathmandu. You Term it and we will furnish you alongside the best called shoes and bags from Hong Kong and Bangkok are the places even special orders are processed. We have disparate assortments of ladies shoes and bags.

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