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Imago Dei

Imago Dei
Nag Pokhari,

Naxal , Kathmandu

8 AM to 9 PML
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Imago Dei was opened by Rachael Manley in April of 2006 and has organically grown over the years in conjunction with its staff and diverse clientele. A native of Scotland, Rachael has lived in Holland, the Middle East, the United States, the United Kingdom, and has spent the last fourteen years in Nepal where she graduated from high school. Imago Dei’s menu was inspired by Rachael’s travels, as well as input from regular clientele, friends, and family. In fact if you have any suggestions feel free to bring them up, and though we can’t promise anything, we’re always looking for new options and interested in hearing what our clientele are interested in.
We take great pride in our staff who have evolved alongside the development of the restaurant. Aside from having what we believe to be some of the most professional and attentive staff in Kathmandu, they also get to know the customers and their preferences. We are also excited to offer a space that is very unique in Kathmandu, with large bright spaces and a mixed media gallery Imago Dei creates a relaxing and modern atmosphere that sets it apart. The combination of what this space offers and our professional staff attracts one of the most diverse crowds in Kathmandu, and this is one of the few places where there is a true mix of professionals, students, volunteers, tourists, locals, and expats.
Whether you’re looking to conduct an afternoon business meeting, just want to hang out with friends, or are looking to relax and enjoy some of Kathmandu’s best desserts, Imago Dei offers a break from the typical Kathmandu setting.

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