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  1. The Uno Membership issued shall be used only by the member to whom it has been issued and is non-transferable. Verification of user member can be made by the photo on the card

  2. When registering for Uno Membership, genuine details regarding the applicant's information has to be submitted in the online/offline membership form. In case if any false information is provided while registering, the organisation holds the right to cancel the membership card without refunding the annual subscription charges paid by the applicant.

  3. The member shall not allow the membership card to be misused by any other person in any form. Violation by misusing the membership card will forfeit the membership automatically and the organization. Shall have the right to cancel and demand the return of the membership card.

  4. Program Package and discount are honored by the Uno partner merchant organization on the normal sales, not on special offer and discounted sales prevailing at the time.

  5. The Organization shall not be in any way responsible for business affiliates standard of service and facilities. No claim should be made against the organization for reason of Business Affiliates Standard/quality of Service and Facilities.

  6. The Organization shall not be liable for any demand, damage, claims and or such request of any kind in case any Uno partner merchant fails or dishonors its commitment as advertised in Uno Guidebook & WebPages. The Organization shall take necessary action for such violation and shall remove the Uno partner merchant name from Uno Guide Book & Uno WebPages and from any other marketing or sales promotion program undertaken by the organization.

  7. The Organization reserves the right to refuse the renewal of any membership without assigning any reason.

  8. Member shall inform the Organization of any change in his/her address. In case of any uninformed change of address. The Organization shall not be responsible for non-delivery of any documents of importance.

  9. In case of theft or loss of the membership card the member shall inform the organization for necessary action. This should be done within 7 days of theft or loss. In case of theft or loss of the membership card a new one shall be replaced for a fees of Rs.350/-. The expiry date on the new card issued will be the same as in the original card issued to the member.

  10. Membership cancellation within 1 day (of application) shall accrue pre-cancelation fees of 20% of the Membership fees.

  11. If the member cancels the membership subscription within 7 days after the card is issued, he/she will be liable for charge of Rs.350/-, Which shall be deducted from the amount paid to the organization as membership subscription fees. However no membership subscription cancellation / refund request will be entertained by the organization after the said period of 7 days of the issuance of card.

  12. The Organization may also use your personal details to send you information on its activities and other promotional offers.

  13. Unless otherwise expressly stated. The following words shall have the meaning given against it for the purpose of these terms and conditions:-

  14. Organization means Uno internet ventures.

  15. Member means a person who has applied to the organization for membership under the terms and conditions set by the organization and the validity of which has not expired due to passing of time or otherwise by withdrawal of the same.

  16. Uno partner merchant means all such establishments, hotels, restaurants, professionals, shops, boutiques, agencies and such business houses who have Agreement with the organization to honor and give discounts and other facilities to the members who are holding valid membership issued by the organization.